Congratulations to Andy Foster on winning the 2018 UKCS Open Comp at Flip Out London Pinball Club!


The Runner Up was Nick Marshall


Rich Mallett 3rd place

The UKCS (UK Championship Series) Open Comp was run alongside the finals of of the UKCS which brings the 20 best players in the country to compete for the title. The 2018 Champion was Greg Mott, a veteran of the UK Pinball circuit.


The Results of the UKCS Open Comp:

1 Andy Foster

2 Nick Marshall

3 Rich Mallett

4 Matt Vince

5 Wayne Johns

6 Leo Marshall

7 David Mainwaring

8 Marie-France Dutton

9 Vin Jauhal

10 Tim Thornton

11 Chris Poyntz

12 Mike Parkins

13 Ian Walmsley

14 Paul Owen

14 Mike Kindler

16 David Dutton

17 Peter Blakemore

18 Nick Hamill

19 Nick Baxter-Sibley

19 Tony Molloy

21 Tom Fletcher

22 Gary Conduct

22 Dan Lewell

24 Sam Vince

25 Katie Vince

26 Sarah Vince

27 Lucy Vince

28 Oliver Conduct

29 Daniel Vince